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What is the best parallel programming language for initiating students in the world of multicore/parallel computing?

You’re doing them a disservice if you don’t eventually have them use C/C++/Fortran with both MPI and OpenMP for message passing and SMP. My personal opinion on teaching programming concepts, however, is that you remain language neutral for as long … Continue reading

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A Tour of Go

Go is a modern, compiled language developed primarily through the efforts of Google. and some of the folks who originally brought you Unix and it’s successor, Plan 9. ┬áThere are many very cool modern features, and it has a very … Continue reading

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What is Virtual Box? You want this.

Few pieces of software excite me with possibilities as Virtual Box. It offers many potential uses – especially for students, recipients, and counselors of The Computer Merit Badge. Virtual Box is a cross-platform program that will let you run multiple … Continue reading

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