Resources for Programming Merit Badge Counselors

Since The Programming Merit Badge is a brand new badge, and it was hard enough to find resources for the super general Computer Merit Badge, I’ve begun putting together a list of resources.

The first site that I would like to highlight is a very popular “programming chrestomathy” site called Rosetta Code.

Like the very famous Rosetta Stone has the same text written in three different languages (Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek.), The Rosetta Code site seeks to have solutions for many interesting programming challenges using as many languages as possible.

There is a great benefit in seeing the same programs written side-by-side in different languages. It allows one to leverage their knowledge of one languages to learn another language. It’s also beneficial for learning the various algorithms and learning some little known features of languages with which they may even feel comfortable.

The next entry will be an article will be for Computer and Programming Merit Badge counselors and how to go about teaching programming in a Scouting environment.

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